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relaxed expectations:

regradless of the factors; you’ve made it another year doing something you love and then their’s life. no need to panic, party! not only will we secure those easly forgettable task for you, we’ll do our best to ensure you have something to leave your childrens, children! *if you abide to the holy will of yah that is. MU-OP does not guarantee success of your business but does ensure the highest quality of services. disclaimer*


  • fractional marque gain 
  • brand & identity marque gain
  • social credibility gain
  • confidence


  • network marque gain
  • brand & identity marque gain
  • social credibility gain
  • confidence
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please be advised: MU-OP provides application services for client business filings updates and digital services renewals only, and does not do third party application renewals; although, we will notify you of such services and fees. business filings updates are the sole-responsibility of the account holder and will not reflect as paid for or will not be paid for by or MU-OP, all rights are solely-reserved.



from whiteboard sketches to pixel-perfect designs; there’s still that person, you! since the very beginning you’ve dreamed of paying bills. no; seriously, you didn’t expect to reach success on air did you? apply pressure! 

filing renewals:

in the beginning stages of business it’s easy to get stifled with tasks making it easy to loss track of things. then there’s the person that gives up for multiple factors, losing foresight. rather then empirical fractions; analysis your long-term goals and create your idea future! 

grid renewals:

most claim to be developers but are truely creatives or designers and there’s nothing wrong with that! these people create beautiful and engaging digital experiences; some so great that they deserve to be paid for, so why not secure your platforms for the long-term win? it’s only right! 

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  • legend:
  • art. of organaztion
  • st. & structure renewal
  • fed. & license renewal
  • domain renewal & backup
  • ssl renewal & cleansing
  • web-page updates
  • * marketing highlights on us
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    these are services insurance packages only; services are sold separately.
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  • one credit
  • one credit
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  • one-five minute business shout-out via yah's guide rocordour.
    business showcase and mention only. not
    accessible to humans.


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$ 600 /yr
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- please be advised: MU-OP is closed on the sabbath and high holy-days as outlined here.